Shade Sails, Shade Structures, Canopies, what ever you want to call them, they are a wonderfully easy way to provide creative shade for your outside enjoyment.

We call them Shade Sails!

Shade Sails have been around for decades. Mostly found in Australia, and countries with high UV exposure. Today the world is more aware of the results of to much exposure to the sun. We are looking for ways to protect ourselves from the Sun's harmful UV rays. In the Marine world that meant bulky frame work that was difficult to deal with and not that attractive. Over the past decade, we at Shore Industries have been working with Makefast developing Shade systems that are strong, attractive, and easy to use. We have worked with leading yacht manufactures designing and developing products for your protection. Shore Industries has been building and designing large commercial and residential shade structures for years. We have brought our knowledge of shade structures to the Marine industry with the understanding of the tension, and loads required to provide you with the best system.

Marine Shade Sails

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